About Me

Hi my name is Maartje and I am Dutch woman who loves nature, traveling and adventures. I am traveling now and then through Europe with my campervan, when not I am based in Arcen. Since I was a little child I was very curious, loved being in nature and I wanted to explore the world. When I was 21 years old my first big journey started in Australia and Asia.

In my life I had several jobs from travelguide, administrative assistant, theatremaker, waitress, documentary maker, working in healtcare to yogainstructor. Now I am starting a new adventure as a professional shamanic drum maker.

I learned these skills of Gerard Portheine, who is a professional allround drumsmaker over more than 13 years. 

Making those shamanic drums is meditative and creative.  Being outside, working with my hands and with natural material is what I like to do. Connecting with nature is important for my wellbeing and that message I like to pass on to other people. 

The handmade shamanic drums that I made can be found in my webshop. If you are interested for trying or buying a shamanic drum, just contact me.

It is also possible to make a drum yourself. For more information see drum workshop.